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ChamberCrypt  "The New Renaissance"


"My Way"


Why can’t you see, what it means to me?

Flowing though my veins, my life’s forever changed.

Music's in my soul, lifts me high and low.

Baroque is all I need, to be or not to be.


A test of one man’s will, with faith I must be still.

GOD will pave the way, a testimony to my prayers.

I look up to the sky, and now I see the sign.

Carried through the end, with my guitar in hand.



I will arise, above the days,

It’s no surprise, I’ve always said,

That you will see,

My destiny, guides My Way.


And as I stand, my head held high,

Fist in the air, I will not die,

My Way.




(Guitar solo)




All Music & Lyrics: Daniel Dalley



"Higher Than the Skies"


Look into my eyes and follow me,

We’ll journey far, from sea to sea.

I’ll show you things, not known to be,

Just take my hand.



My spirit guides me to the Son,

With the strength to carry on.

Stormy seas can’t stop us now!



Inside your mind, you’ll see the distant shores,

Carried high with such pride, high as the eagle soars.

Strength from within, never looking back my friend,

Like the stars shining bright,

Higher Than the Skies!


Since ancient times, your path was paved,

Chosen to be, king not a slave.

Majestic plan, the Chosen One,

Eternally sent to bring this song.


(repeat bridge)

(repeat chorus)


"And so I stood, at the brink of deaths door,

My soul cried out, perished in doubt,

Rediscovery of self, which I knew not before.

An eternal flame, everlasting infusion of life,

Screaming out, unto me...

Don’t give up. They shall see!”


(guitar solo)


(chorus repeats)


All Music & Lyrics: Daniel Dalley


POWER "Justice of Fire" is the classic iconic metal release.

This was released on July 1st,1995 on SONY Records. It is no longer in print.

POWER   "Justice of Fire"



"Prelude to Apocolypse"






"Hands Over Time"


Burning inside your mind, Fear grips your soul,
Delusional lies un-foretold.

Why can't we see through ourselves?
Hands Over Time, moving on!

Pain at your doorsteps, Of life looking in,
Thoughts say that you are insane.

Panic we are stricken, Look ahead, what's to come?
Fire you contest is the way.

Why can't we see through ourselves?
Hands Over Time, moving on!

Blinded by the words of deceit, To face the unknown,
We all walk on the path led astray.


(Guitar solo)

Confusion locked inside, You feel enslaved,
Prisoner of your own chains.

Beaten and battered, You cannot escape,
Destiny lies in our fate.

Why can't we see through ourselves?
Hands Over Time, moving on!

A final solution will dawn,
Hands Over Time, moving on!


All music & lyrics: Daniel Dalley




Through the path of doubt we walk,
Step upon the flames of lies.

Madness now has taken us,
Walk the fire to a land of sin.

Traveling upon the seas,
A point of time in you and me.

The fury is within our blood,
Walking the fire, it has always been.

Innate within the souls of man,
Brought to death cry out for help.

Carry sin on”, the voice will say,
Walk the fire, we are led today.

From the lips of the eternal force,
Turn your heads, you have been warned


All music & lyrics: Daniel Dalley


"Rising Son (Through the Eyes of GOD)"


Lights breaks through the sky of fear,
An eternal end growing near.

Path chosen of words and strength,
Cast away our feelings of angst.

Son rise forth, to me, see
Through the eyes of God,
In time you'll know, see
Through the eyes of God.

Passages from time we know,
Turned our heads in our biggest mistake.
Calling to you can't you hear?,
A warning now we must not forsake!

Son rise forth, to me, see
Through the eyes of God,
In time you'll know, see
Through the eyes of God.

For you I bleed, see
Through the eyes of God,
My fire will grow, see
Through the eyes of…

Screaming out those words so clear,
A never ending state of disdain.

What can I say to make you hear?
I can't hold back this tormenting pain!


All music & lyrics: Daniel Dalley



"An Evil Presence"






"Deceiver of Truth"


(Lies) “Children gather, I will show you the way.
Self-fulfilling needs, not be estranged.

Give to me your trust, don't be afraid.
I am the “chosen one”, for you I'll not betray.

All I need from you are these things,
Your eyes and ears, but above all apostasy!"

(Truth) Beware of a false preaching faith.
Deceiver of Truth he will take, your life!




(Guitar solo)

A world in fear you fools believed,
Now your death is so easy to see.

Through the mist, blackened ships,
Sail to the shore.
From the “eternal sea” we ignore.

Proclaiming life but delivering death.
Having seen and turned our backs,
We shall regret!

A terrible force in the air,
Deceiver of Truth to beware.
(His) Burning hatred lies at the core.
Deceiver of Truth visions of war.

In my eyes, now is the time!


All music & lyrics: Daniel Dalley


"The Vision"


Clouds rolling clearing in the dark sky,
A message comes to me I'll describe…
“Four winds to blow over the sea to be done”,
In a dream the vision has now come!

Arising from “the sea” are four “beasts”,
To tread upon the Earth with disease.
A sight so clear blinding truth in my eyes,
Never to fear the “faces of despise”.

Blackening the torches of light,
In a dream The Vision is now seen,


(Guitar solo)

In the midst of pain, sorrow and death,
A tenth “King”, reigns of peace it is said.
Not since the days of ancient disbelief,
Has a “King” suffered all humanity.

Father breath your fire from the stars,
Extinguish disbelief, within our hearts.
A distant voice is calling out for you,
In a dream The Vision is coming true…


All music & lyrics: Daniel Dalley


"Justice of Fire"


“Having cursed upon the words I say,
Desecrate the path I pave!
Cleansing of your soul now you will pay,
Purified in a sea of flames!”

“I reached out my arms, you did not try.
Screams rang out to me? A lie!
So you try to beg and plead for life,
You've chosen your fate to die!”


(Guitar solo)

The skies break open upon us,
A blinding vision of light.
Embodied only by a trust,
A furious fight!


All music & lyrics: Daniel Dalley