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Genres: Grindcore / Industrial / Power METAL!


In short POWER could best be described as "Apocalyptic Metal".


POWER's themes and music are entirely based around "End of Days" scriptures such as the books of Daniel, Ezekial and Revelation from the Holy Bible.The music is heavy with a strong emphasis on imagery and often atmospheric qualities.


POWER originally started out as a 3-song demo back in '91 with a demo called "Fire of God". All music and lyrics were written by Daniel who also played all electric, solo & bass guitars. It is the only recording that actually has him on vocals too! This demo was actually reviewed in all 3 major guitar magazines in the USA in the same month! At the time he was the first ever to claim that bold distinction. This "Fire of God" theme has defined the message and musical approach for POWER to this day and beyond.


Daniel is currently writing all new POWER music and it is heavier than ever! The new music should be available sometime in 2015 with a single first than a full length album to follow.




Genre: Symphonic Neo-Classical Power Metal


ChamberCrypt  can best be described as euro-style Symphonic Power Metal.


Getting back to his classical roots Daniel started writing some Metal with heavy musical inspiration from JS Bach. Michael Kiske style vocals provided by Daniel's friend Mike Blair and pounding rhythms with soaring solo guitar work really sums up the sound of ChamberCrypt.


Fans of bands such as: Stratovarious, Helloween(with Kiske!), Rhapsody & Yngwie Malmsteen should check out this intro album.




Daniel Dalley (solo)


Genre: Neo-classical guitar oriented instrumental metal


Daniel's solo music is primarily guitar oriented NeoClassical Metal.


Classically inspired by the likes of JS Bach, Chopin, Vivaldi & most other baroque music(!) primarily. Daniel was also inspired by guitarist such as Uli Jon Roth(!), Ritchie Blackmore, Al DiMeola (from NJ!), & Randy Rhoads.


"For me the Ozzy album Diary of a Madman with Randy Rhoads was a game changer that had a monumental shift in my musical direction. The overall tone and atmosphere of that album inspires me to this day. Long live the legacy of Randy! See you on the other side my friend."







Genres: Film score / Soundscapes / Middle Eastern modern / Classical


You name it and Daniel is inspired by it! No genre boundries here...


Daniel is a multi-instrumentalist and some of the instruments he plays proficiently are guitar, bass guitar, keyboards and the Baglama Saz. Ever inspired by all music that moves him, Daniel is not limited by genres...be it Classical, Metal, Middle Eastern, or Gregorian Chant, Daniel is inspired by music that speaks to his soul.

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