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"The New Renaissance"


"My Way"


Why can’t you see, what it means to me?

Flowing though my veins, my life’s forever changed.

Music in my soul, lifts me high and low.

Baroque is all I need, to be or not to be.


A test of one man’s will, with faith I must be still.

GOD will pave the way, a testimony to my prayers.

I look up to the sky, and now I see the signs.

Carried to the end, with my guitar in hand!



I will arise, above the days,

It’s no surprise, I’ve always said,

That you will see,

My destiny, guides My Way.


And as I stand, my head held high,

Fist in the air, I will not die,

My Way.




(Guitar solo)




All Music & Lyrics: Daniel Dalley