About me

Daniel Dalley

Guitarist / Songwriter

"Some of my first memories of my life were of hearing music.

I was humming my own melodies before I could even speak words. From earliest memory (around 4 years of age) I had a love for classical music...At nursery school waiting for my mom I was watching a TV show called Masterpiece Theater and the theme song played a classical piece...I was spiritually hooked to those sounds! Then another life changing moment happened to me around the age of 9. During cookie & milk recess at school one morning we were allowed to play music albums for 15 minutes ...so someone started to play the album KISS Alive II on the record player. I heard the song Detroit Rock City!...It was done! Heavy music HAD to be my life!


My LOVE of classical music (particularly Baroque) and heavy rock and especially metal had to be joined.

This all reached another level when I heard for the first time a guitarist called Randy Rhoads. He was my first true musical mentor that would forever change the shape and direction of my musical life. When he tragically died I called and spoke to his mom at Musonia music in California to give my grievences and condolences. Speaking to her was like speaking with my Grandma...sweetest person ever! I told her how much Randy impacted my life and she was so grateful for my words. RIP Randy Rhoads.


Around this time I started to also listen to guitarist like Uli Jon Roth, Al DiMeola and then a band called Steeler.."Who was this insane guitarist in Steeler?" Actually I heard his name before, in a Mike Varney "Spotlight" in Guitar Player Magazine. His name was Yngwie Malmsteen. What kind of name was that? ...I said. I don't know, but he was doing just what I was striving towards...Blending the fast DiMeola staccato playing with the Uli Roth stylings and a heavy influence of classical inspiration. Cool!


I first met Yngwie after an Alcatrazz gig he had in South River,NJ where he was signing autographs etc. It was very inspiring for me.

The next time I met him was in 1998 at Guitar Center in East Brunswick,NJ. He was doing a clinic there. I was with my friend at the time Mike Chlasciak, better known today as "Metal" Mike from the band Halford.

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